Aphrodite Alter dress up vinyl Prince of the Sea.

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Recommended paper size 8.5 x 11

The download does not include a watermark.

All proceeds go to the production of the manga. It also helps to finance our goal to build a system to help make it easier for manga artist (mangaka) outside of japan to get published on our platform as well as a platform such as google playbooks and amazon kindle etc...


Marin Salisbury has just begun attending art college in a quaint beach town and life is going great. She's joined the swim team, made new friends, and even sparked a romance. But there's darkness lurking in paradise. Soon Marin learns of her mother's mysterious past as a warrior who fought against sea monsters aided by the Siren's magic. Following in her mom's footsteps she transforms into the Beautiful and deadly aphrodite alter. Not all is as it seems though, and Marin's new life begins to fall apart she discovers the ugly truth...